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Jenny Baby's Doll Hospital BBB Business Review

January, 2018
Hello Janice,
Just a quick note to let you know how very pleased the North Attleborough Historical Society is with the work you did restoring our antique doll. You finished restoring her head in addition to repairing her arm and reinforcing her breastplate.
It took many hours for me to make an outfit for the doll so it was just last week the general membership got to admire your expertise, your craftsmanship, and your attention to detail. They are thrilled! Our society presents a program or a guest speaker about once a month for the enrichment of our members and the community at large. When I mentioned that I planned to send you an email to express our collective admiration and appreciation, the president of the society wondered aloud if you do presentations? We'd love to have you come and share your experiences, your passion, and your craft with us and our guests. 
Noreen Kiff

July, 2017
Hi Janice,
I just want to thank you again for making Teddy come to life! I was very nervous to bring him somewhere to be restored. I had never thought about it until a friend suggested it to me when I brought up to them that I had a fear of his neck ripping. I finally came across Jenny Baby's Doll Hospital through Facebook and I was thrilled that is was close enough for me to bring Teddy there myself. I have been attached to the hip to Teddy since the day I was born. He has come everywhere with me from friends houses, out to dinner, on vacation, you name it. Over the years his neck began to give out and now he looks brand new! I can't tell you the last time he was able to sit up on his own ! When you texted me the picture of him I nearly cried and sent it to my whole family. My dad was shocked when he saw him. Thank you so very much again. I now know that I can have Teddy for the rest of my life without worrying about his neck. Thank you, Haley.
January, 2016
We brought a wonderful large doll to Jenny Baby's Doll Hospital to have a hand and leg re-attached, and to have the doll re-strung. The entire experience was most satisfying, from Janice diagnosing what was needed to be done, through the crafting of repairs, to the final result; all excellent. And on time, as well. The personal interactions could not have been more pleasant; Janice is knowledgeable about both the technical and historical aspects of dolls and doll repair. We highly recommend!
Vonda and Richard Mann - Quincy

January, 2016
Hi Janice,
My name is Rebecca Leverock. My husband, Don, sent you a doll to repair - Meg from Little Women. I just wanted to Thank you myself, from the bottom of my heart, for fixing Meg. I got her from my Grandparents (who have since passed) when I was just a little girl. I think I was 3. She sat on my dresser for years and I loved her so much. One year when I was moving, he rubber b and inside broke and her legs and arms fell. I couldn't find anyone to fix her. I was heart broken. Imagine my surprise when I opened the box on Christmas morning. Wrapped in Purple and White tissue paper (her colors), her clothes were clean and she had little shoes on and the elastic in the waist of her pants was repaired along with her legs and arms being reattached. I was beside myself. I literally cried. I just wanted to thank you so much for fixing her. It meant so much.
I will always recommend you to anyone I meet who needs doll repair ! You went above and Meg is back to her old self. Thank you.

I wanted to personally thank you for the repair you did on my childhood doll. My husband, Gary, sent her to you as a Mother's Day present. I am so thrilled to have her restored. When I opened the package and saw her I was literally moved to tears. My reaction even surprised me. Linda Lee, as I named her, brought back a flood of memories and happiness. I hope to pass her on to a grand daughter when we have reached that stage of life. Thank you for the work you do with these dolls. I can tell you from my perspective, it is wonderful work.
Candace Weiner

Janice McIntyre of Jenny Baby's Doll Hospital is a skilled artist. We sent her a stuffed animal, Curious George, in terrible shape. He had accompanied my son through successful cardiovascular surgery 30+ years ago. He slept with him in the crib at Children's hospital and was with him throughout his recovery. Even after my son left for college, then law school and finally marriage and family, Curious George remained with him. Unfortunately, while he was still living at home, our beloved dog ate Curious' eyes and most of his face. Recently when a close friend's child was born with severe heart defects I tried to repair Curious' eyes because my son wanted to gift him to his friend's child with all the love and good wishes and good karma that Curious carried. The repair was beyond me. I sent a photo to the doll hospital, spoke with Janice, and she took on the repair. Today we received a photo of our friend's new born child. Amongst all the tubes is Curious George. Thank you, thank you for doing such a terrific job and allowing us to express our love and hopes for her recovery by sending such a much loved and now nearly new Curious George to her.
Vera Jordan, Massachusetts

Janice, the "doll doctor" couldn't be more accommodating or authentic about what she does. She made it very easy for me to drop off my dolls and then set up her work space with her own doll collection for my grandchildren to see when my dolls were repaired.  She even wore her "white coat" and set up her "operating room" and tools! Janice was very organized and efficient in the paperwork she put together, including the extra research she did on the value of my antique dolls. Thank you, Janice!


Concord, MA

Dear Janice,

Thank you for all the love and care you gave "The Sisters". They are happy to be home and have not stopped smiling. It was nice to meet someone who cares so much for our "children". The dolls have been a part of out family and are valuable in emotional value.

Thank you again, Jennifer - Sudbury, MA


My mom at first did not know what I brought and she held the doll for a while at the nursing home. At one point she said she thought the doll's name was Martha and then she remembered her. I was surprised how much it meant and I would have never had the experience if it were not for you. I can't thank you enough. I'm sure you have heard this story before, but it's the first time I've had this experience. Keep well and I wish you many years of your loving care. Barb, Chatham

Janice, I just wanted you to know I surprised my mother with her lovingly restored Shirley Temple doll at Christmas and she burst into tears. She was so surprised and touched. Thank you so much for restoring her for me. It made our Christmas very special.

Rebecca - Norwood

















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